Kayleigh and Boeli our first yorkie male and female. 



There are a few important issues you need to consider before adopting a Yorkie.


An ethical, reputable and experienced breeder will answer all your questions and will be willing to spend time with you. Many Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier puppies are available in the junk mail, pet shops or other online links. Looking for a suitable Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier puppy can be a nerve wrecking  experience especially when buying one over the internet.  If you come across a Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier that is significantly lower in price and the offer seems too good to be true trust your instincts.  Walk away.


Over the past few years breeders of the Yorkshire terrier breed have more than tripled, making this breed ulmost of abundance. We believe that only the best of the breed should be bred. Show or breed quality Yorkies, Yorkshire Terriers can only be evaluated at a much later age.

Avoid breeders that don't care about the genetics.  We breed to continue the quality of the breed.   Therefore, keep in mind that Yorkies are more expensive to purchase from a good breeder, but if you want the best though you need to be willing to pay that little extra.

It is expected that you as a potential owner would want the best value for money.  Considering buying a female Yorkie, Yorkshire terrier to breed with, even if it will be for one litter only, you should accept the responsibility that comes with breeding and raising puppies. 

If you are not familiar with terms like; Dystocia and how to recognize and assist dystocias, how to resuscitate a pup that remain in the birth canal too long, pups who aspirated the placental fluid, breech births, when to perform a cesarean, the bitch might reject the babies due to a retained placenta, metritis, mastitis, eclampsia, hypocalcaemia all of these conditions are serious and need veterinarian attention immediately, then you should rather have your loving pet Yorkie, Yorkshire terrier spayed.

If any of the above mentioned should occur then you need to feed the babies every 2 hours. Even for slightly experienced breeder this is almost an impossible task.    These are not meant to be fear tactics, but very real situations that can have a fatal outcome.

Be prepared financially and mentally to deal with situations like these, you might get a lucky break and none of these conditions will happen to you, or you might spend your bonus on vet bills.

We strive to breed the best quality we possible can in terms of health and phenotype, as there are already so many homeless dogs bred by ignorance.

Male or female? Most yorkie owners and breeders will tell you that neutered male Yorkies, Yorkshire Terriers are lots more fun and loving dogs than the independent female Yorkie, Yorkshire terrier; however females yorkies are more in demand. 





What is a Tea Cup Yorkie, Yorkshire terrier? 


If you are considering to buy a so called tea-cup or ‘pocket’ yorkie, you need to be very picky were you buy them from!


There are increasing ‘teacup’ scams all over especially online which can turn out to be an enormous adult yorkie.   My question to potential clients is; what do you consider to be a ‘teacup’ or ‘pocket’ Yorkie, Yorkshire terrier? 


Generally people will put the phone down, probably thinking that I am an arrogant ass and have no idea about all the different Yorkies, Yorkshire terriers in general.    Terms like these are used to lure people into buying a specific Yorkie (all in their mind) without really thinking it through.   This also means that you should be prepared to pay so much more for a yorkie with a connotation to the name Yorkshire terrier. 


At Eljemelo we do not refer to our exceptionally small Yorkies, Yorkshire terriers as Tea-cups or pockets.  We do not estimate the mature or adult weight of our puppies as we have never been able to accurately guess 100g to 200g difference.  We do not deliberately breed exceptionally small yorkies.  


In exceptionally small Yorkies there are some serious problems that may assure genetically and congenitally. The Yorkshire terrier will remain a Terrier dog no matter how hard breeders try to crunch down on size.


·        Open fontanel (soft spot from the cranial bone not forming).  Only buy a yorkie puppy with this condition if cleared by a veterinarian. 

·        Hydrocephalus (fluid (water) on the brain)

·        Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

            Cardiac problems (heart murmur (noise) or enlarged heart)

·        Collapsing trachea (narrowing or damage to the windpipe)

·        Seizures (fits or convulsions)

·        Porto systemic shunts also referred to as PSS (blood is not cleansed by the liver) or MVD.

·        Digestive defects (irritable stomach)

            Teeth eruption (too many too large teeth)

·        Stress (separation anxiety) causes irritable bowel disease, stomach ulcers, and duodenal     ulcers.

·        Much shorter live span.

Hypo-gly-ce-mia is a condition characterized by an abnormally low blood sugar (glucose).  Speaking Yorkies it is most susceptible in exceptional small Yorkies.    Fat is body fuel and when there is not enough the blood sugar or blood glucose levels fall.  This is the pup’s main energy source.

Exceptionally small Yorkies should be offered a meal late night to carry them through to the next morning.  

Symptoms of hypo-gly-ce-mia.

Puppy  is weak and disoriented, unsteady on his feet. 

Puppy cannot maintain body temperature.

Puppy gets tremors and tilts his head to one side, seizures follow.

Pup’s heart beat rate and breathing slows down.

Pup falls unconscious and can fall into coma, heart stops beating.

How can you prepare yourself should your pup have low blood sugar.

Whiles you pup is growing up never be without pure honey.   If your pup is showing symptoms of hypoglycemia rub honey in die inside of the pups mouth and gums if the pup cannot swallow no problem the mucus membrane in die mouth will absorb the honey.  Try again. It should take 5 to 10min for your pup to recover.   Have your puppy vet checked.

If there is no improvement, treat this as a medical emergence and take your puppy to your veterinarian immediately as something else could have caused the signs.  





Due to this smaller size yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier you need to take extra care of them.   Does your busy schedule allow for this?  Do you have the time to leave everything you are busy with to attend to your Yorkies need first?


Exceptionally small Yorkies, Yorkshire terriers need to eat 5 meals in 24 hours and they need to be kept warm and stress free.


Remember the weight of a person stepping down on them can damage bones.  The impact of dropping your Yorkie or falling off a bed or couch can result in death or long term effects of such incidents can be brain damage or patched up bones.


Young children are a definite NO to an exceptionally small Yorkies, Yorkshire terriers health.


Very small Yorkies, Yorkshire terriers are more susceptible to some issues like anesthetic. You may encounter retaining baby teeth and spaying/neutering problems.


Think twice before you invest in a 42 - 50 gram birth weight tea cup yorkie.   Spend your investment on a small yorkie that need not be reared in a glass cage.








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